Awesome Transparent Display at 2016 CES by Panasonic

Awesome Transparent Display at 2016 CES by Panasonic

Transparent display isn’t new to us, and we’ve seen some pretty awesome examples.  Unlike LG’s display small enough to hold in your hand, Panasonic’s Transparent Display is designed to fit into your living room and make your home smarter.


Panasonic’s demo showcases the display attached to shelving with various home decor behind it. The wood you see beneath the glass is actually where all the technology is. Inside are micro LEDs that beam out the picture to the glass panel, which isn’t completely transparent, but still pretty amazing to see. It looks like any tinted glass you might normally see in someone’s living room.


Pretty cool, huh? Just imagine the possibilities and what this sort of thing will enable in a few years. Need some notifications in the morning? Weather? News? You won’t have to bother turning your cable box on.


One disappointing thing about Panasonic’s screen is that, for the moment, it’s all experimental technology. Panasonic is not yet committed to bringing it to market, and couldn’t hazard a guess as to how much it might cost. However, a representative said that if the project goes forward, the company hopes to have it available consumers between two and five years from now.


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