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Welcome to CKC Worldwide LLC

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    Our Mission and Vision

    Mission: Let the Team and Makers realize their dreams together, find new intellectual products and let VC achieve their tagets. Create an User Centre which can provide everything to improve Fans/Users experience.

    Vision: Boost China Manufacturing products to manufacture high end intellectual products. Let innovative ideas of Maker reach the next level of innovation through technological upgrading in industrial sector.

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We are CKC Worldwide Team

CKC focusing 100% on crowdfunding marketing and has delivered some of the top crowdfunding campaigns to date.

We provide creatives and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to successfully crowdfund & grow their creative or entrepreneurial projects in the digital age, while retaining 100% ownership.



Services We Offer

A.Public Relation

we take an innovative approach to media, public relations and publicity.
When it comes to promoting crowdfunding campaigns, we believe in staying one step ahead of the curve

B.Video Production

we have  video team located right in the heart of Hollywood.

C. Social media


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