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What is Robo Wunderkind?

“The Lego of the future.” –  Techcrunch

Robo Wunderkind is a robotics kit that allows you to build your own robot, have fun, and pick up basic coding skills along the way. Just. like. that.

Robo Wunderkind STARTER KIT
Robo Wunderkind STARTER KIT

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Press about us
Press about us

Who is it for?

Robo Wunderkind is for all kids aged 5 to infinity and beyond 😉

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Robo Wunderkind is essentially a set of blocks which you can use to build all kinds of functional robots. Got LEGO® at home? Then you already have everything you need to customize your Robo Wunderkind to your child’s interests .

Connecting these bricks is as simple as putting LEGO® bricks together — there is no wire or magnet.

Connection system
Connection system
Rebuild your robot easily
Rebuild your robot easily

Learn how to code by playing

Our app’s visual programming interface is super intuitive: kids with no previous exposure to coding will easily figure out how to program in our app.

Kids can program the robot they have built to:

  • drive around while avoiding obstacles
  • play a recorded sound when somebody enters the room
  • react to claps and other noises
  • play music when somebody picks it up
  • record and play voice messages
  • hide from or follow sources of light
  • solve mazes
  • surprise parents with a weather forecast
  • set off on a treasure hunt using its digital camera
  • blink when the lights are turned off
  • …and much, much more!

There are no limits to your child’s imagination and we are working with educational experts in the field to build a library of different learning adventures for Robo Wunderkind.

We can promise you one thing: playing with Robo Wunderkind will never get boring.

Our app will work on iOS and Android devices, we plan also to develop an app for Windows by September 2016.

Here are some photos from our workshop for the Kindergarten group of School of the Madeleine in Berkeley. Kids loved it so much! Just look at these happy faces!

Start from Scratch. Literally.

Starting at the age of 8, you can get your child started with Scratch, a programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab as part of their Lifelong Kindergarten project. Once your children have mastered the basics, they will be able to create their own games and challenges, share them, and co-create within the Scratch community.

Robo Wunderkind is part of your world. 

Older kids and curious adults can program ROBO Wunderkind to do anything they can imagine in any programming language they choose. We provide an API for those who want to build apps of their own for their robot.

Feel the need for some speed? Unlock the remote control function and use your robot as a racer!

What’s inside depends on your pledge. We offer packages for those that are just curious, but also for those who want to dive deep into robotics and programming.

If you only want the starter kit for now, you always have the option to upgrade and order extra modules at a later point on our website.

We’re on a mission!

Of course we’d love to see each and every one of you welcome a ROBO Wunderkind into your family, but we also have offers for those who simply want to support our mission, or who want to support talented children who can’t afford Robo Wunderkind right now. Your ONE FOR ONE pledge will help us make it possible.

This is just the beginning…

Our team is full of ideas and we want to design and build the most fun and intuitive learning tools for the 21st century. We want to give every child out there the possibility to help shape the future they will be living in.

Also: We want to invite YOU to write this story together with us. We’ll invite all our backers to become co-creators, to have a vote and to help us decide where to take Robo Wunderkind in the future.

What if we reach….

So how does Robo Wunderkind actually work?

We take sensors, motors, batteries, circuits, and other electronic components and embed them into the blocks. Why cubes? Because they are the most intuitive shapes for children to build with.

System boards and connectors
System boards and connectors

Each cube has its own function: there is a battery cube, a microcontroller cube, cubes with motors, cube containing a Bluetooth module, and cubes with sensors.

Data and energy transmission work wirelessly.

Proprietary connection system
Proprietary connection system

The connection system we’ve developed allows for a wireless electrical and information link between the blocks.

The connection to a smartphone or tablet works through the Bluetooth module. A built-in lithium polymer battery provides approx. 2 hours of continuous play. To use our robots, you need to use a Bluetooth 4.0/LE or Wi-Fi compatible device.

Technical specifications

  • Allwinner A13 SoC
  • RAM 256 MB DDR3
  • Storage eMMC Flash Memory 4 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n networking
  • Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0 for control connectivity
  • Pass-through bi-directional communication between all modules via I2C bus
  • Speaker and microphone for sound feedback
  • Motors, servos and various sensors according to the type of set
  • Status LED & Power Button Lithium-Polymer battery (3.7V/1500mAh) including an undervoltage/overvoltage cutoff
  • Additional battery modules are available
  • Micro USB charging
  • Software libraries and examples for an easy start

How it all began… 

Rustem came up with the idea for Robo while building robots on the Arduino platform. The robots were too techie, not an easy entry into the world of technology. He set out to make learning coding and robotics as fun and simple as playing with LEGO®. At the end of 2013 Rustem brought Anna and Yuri on board. Together we gathered a team of passionate engineers and designers who have been working on the project for two years.

Early sketches
Early sketches
Form prototypes
Form prototypes

Let’s go to China! 

In 2014 we moved to Shenzhen, China (the manufacturing capital of the world) to take part in the first worldwide hardware accelerator HAX. We have personally visited the factories we are working with now and we were mentored by the world’s best hardware engineers who continue to help us rise to meet all the challenges of building a hardware product.

Working on Robo Wunderkind has been an amazing journey so far. Our vision has already inspired a few people who are supporting us on our quest to tackle the problem of tech literacy.

Hey Kickstarter, we need you to help us change the world!

We are now at the point where we want to show the world what we have created. We hope that you, our potential backers, will join our mission of opening the world of technology to our younger generations.

With the $70,000 we raise, we will be able to order tooling and kickstart production of Robo Wunderkind.

But we need YOU to make it happen!

We sincerely hope that we can inspire you to join us on our journey and to get a Robo Wunderkind into the hands of every child on this planet.