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Get a SUPER CUBE for your smartphone!!

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Our Frustration: We all know how WONDERFUL a smartphone is. We also understand how frustrating it is to carry around all of your smartphone accessories. The “classic” tangled cables, power bank, phone stand, OTG memory…the list is endless.

So a year ago we challenged ourselves to create a better solution. One that’s packed with essential functions you’ll need on the go…in SMALLEST SIZE POSSIBLE! We wanted to create a better companion for you and your phone.

Introducing WonderCube, the world’s smallest all-in-1 mobile solution for on the go generation, small enough to sit on your fingertip. It can unfold and transform in many ways to meet your needs for:

It’s designed to follow you everywhere.

WonderCube is durable, super tiny and lightweight. It lives on your keyring and always be there when you need it.

A cable you’ll have with you all the time

No tangled cable. No mess. WonderCube features a foldout flexible USB cord measuring 3 inches when extended. Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cube is completely covered without any exposed contacts. It’s incredibly durable and compact. A cable designed to be with you everywhere!

Quick Charge anywhere anytime

Is your fellow phone asking for juice all the time? No problem! Grab WonderCube to power it up on a trip, at a cafe, in car, at work or anywhere on the go. The built-in gold-plated connectors ensure quick charging through any USB port…to keep you connected!

Stand: portrait + landscape

Have a favourite TV show or Facetime call that’s too important to miss? We have you covered with WonderCube’s innovative phone-stand. WonderCube’s micro-suction cups plate can easily attach or detach on the phone’s back panel.

Get the best viewing angle, every time. Portrait, landscape, it all works!

Extra Memory on the go

Always hungry for more space? Plug in WonderCube OTG to expand your phone for another 64GB. Free up memory or transfer photos, movies and songs during your next trip. It also works perfectly as a normal USB stick to transfer files from computer.

(Note: OTG function currently works on Android devices only; iOS version will be announcing in our upcoming stretch goal.)

Drained phone NO MORE!

We all know that desperate feeling holding a drained phone. Never again!  Now, a Battery Charger is integrated in your keyring. You can always give an emergency boost to your phone! Just pop the top open and plug in a 9V battery which can easily be found in any nearby store. (To give an significant boost up to approx. 3 hrs extra talking time for iOS & Android devices. Works on market majority models including iPhone5, 6 & 6+, Galaxy S4 & S5)

Back up your data anytime

WonderCube is a fully functional cable for quick file transfers and back up. A quick and handy way to sync up your photos, music and videos…even when your network is not available…

LED mini torch

Whether you’re coming home late or trying to find something in the dark. WonderCube has you covered with a convenient LED mini torch.

Small keyring, Big peace of mind

  • 8 functions in 1 compact body
  • snap anywhere; always within reach
  • fits naturally to your belongings
  • its ‘pure design keeps a low profile without sacrificing functionality

              Go minimal. One tiny accessory is all you’ll need.

Colours: express your lifestyle and stand out :Available in 4 colours as starter. You can pick between Black, White, Blue and Green. The Blue and Green WonderCube are available as stretch goals.

Unlocked stretch goals are shared by all supporters who have claimed before, PLUS fellow people who are joining in to support!



***Exclusively Model for funding period only(March – May 15th)***

Personalised: with your name or slogan :

Make it your own or give it to a special one.

***Exclusively add-on feature for funding period only(March – May 15th)***


     Earn FREE WonderCube & Get The UltimateCube “IRON” 

WonderCube is made of durable ABS and its foldout USB cord is made of flexible thermoplastic elastomer. Weighting approx. 20grams. Measureing 3 inches (76.2mm) when extended, and just 1 inch (25.4mm) when closed.

Compatibility: WonderCube comes with 2 versions: Apple lightning and micro USB connector. It is compatible to the market majority smart devices.

Smart devices are great. They make our lives more convenient and certainly more productive. Yet, they have always come with quite a number of accessories, which individually provide solutions such as charging battery, standing up your phone for the perfect viewing angle, storing and syncing data…etc. However, many of them are bulky and easy to forget.

Our quest was simple:

We believe it’s time to re-think a better way to carry those “solutions” with us.

Multiple solutions in 1 design? It just NOT ENOUGH! It needed to be portable, easy to use and fit into our daily lives naturally. Obsessed with simplicity, a utilitarian and intuitive UX (user-experience) design, we set to create the smallest possible product that included multiple essential solutions in one simple design. The result was a small and lightweight 8-in-1 product that you will love. WonderCube is reliable and useful in every situation.

Design evolution of the WonderCube from paper mockups to rapid-prototypes

We spent the first 2 and half months examining how people use and carry smart accessories. We talked to people to understand which accessories they usually carry around and what they like and dislike. Inspired by the data we collected, we then started brainstorming and sketching thumbnails to better imagine solutions for them…and if there any latent needs we might be uncovering.

We narrowed down and focused on the following aspects: Charging, Data storing/transferring, Emergency relieving. We also marked some common frustrations for carrying and using those accessories:

  • messing up your bag, backpack or purse
  • easy to forget (especially in a hurry which is a norm nowadays)
  • carrying more and more accessories means adding burden to your shoulders

Once we were set on several key directions, we moved from paper to action. We built quick prototypes using clay and paper, to get a hand-on experience for better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our concepts. Having evolved through several versions, we moved to rapid prototyping and tested with users. We believe by putting our ideas into actual contexts and by acquiring feedback through user testing, the design evolved to better meet the needs of our users.

A year later and we are ready to present the fruits of our labor to you — and we couldn’t be more proud. WonderCube, it revolutionises the way you carry and use accessories. It’s ultra-portable and exceptionally functional. All of this was only made possible by the endless pursuit of elegant and efficient design, paying attention to every detail (and every millimetre…) and selecting the most advanced engineering techniques.